Wildflower is our most popular honey, and with it's mild flavor and natural sweetness it can be used for as many things as you can think up. This little bear works great for stocking stuffers, party favors, and to carry with you in a purse or pocketbook.

Wildflower Honey 2oz. Bear

SKU: 0003
  • Wildflower Honey is produced year-round by all of our hives, and is the result of bees pollinating common flowers that grow wild in and around the Black Hammock. These flowers include Brazilian Pepper, Black Eyed Susan's, Partridge Peas, Loblolly Bays, and many more. Being the most common honey you will find in the state of Florida, there is some amount of honey produced using these flowers in every hive. This is because although we can localize the hives around what is in bloom, there are always wildflowers nearby. This honey is sweet, and mild with no added flavors. We use this honey to produce all of our spreads, as it is the most versatile. We recommend this honey as a sugar substitute, and for allergy relief throughout the year.

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