Honey Facts

What You Need to Know, About What We Grow


Raw Honey

Raw and Unfiltered vs. The Alternative

Honey that is "raw" contains all the pollen, enzymes and other micronutrients that are usually filtered out or destroyed by heat when the honey is processed. We never filter or heat our honey, to make sure that you get the highest quality honey that your family deserves.

Crystallized Honey

Is There Such a Thing as Too Fresh?

Sometimes, raw honey will crystalize quickly due to the fact that it is unfiltered. The propensity to crystalize is an indication of freshness, and should your honey begin to crystalize, you can place the bottle in a pan of warm water which will melt the crystals and return the honey to its original state. 

Allergy Relief

Sweet Relief

Our customers see huge relief from their seasonal allergies because our products contain the natural pollen, enzymes and other micronutrients that your body's immune system needs to help build immunity to some of the most common allergens. Our bees love wildflowers, and the honey that is produced as a result is easily synthesized into the immune system to promote a defensive immune system ready for the pollen 

Honey and Kids

When is it Safe for My Kids to Eat Honey?

Clinical research shows that giving honey to kids under the age of one year can be very risky. The risk for botulism is higher in babies with under-developed immune systems, and you should consult a doctor before giving your child honey for any reason.

Cough Relief

The Tickle in Your Throat is Easily Dealt With

Honey works as an excellent cough suppressent as it helps to coat the throat and keep it from drying out further and continuing the cycle of irritation. We recommend taking 2 teaspoons of honey whenever you start to feel an itch letting the honey stay for as long as possible in your throat before swallowing. 

Topical Applications

Disinfect the Natural Way

Honey as a topical ointment works great with minor wounds and skin irritation. Honey has been found to have natural antibiotic properties, and can offer relief to the pain and redness that are often associated with some conditions. We also have several customers that swear by our honey for exema relief.

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